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♪one grave however differed strangely from the other five ♪ ♪for it contain no corpse ♪now in the canyon a desperate battle is being fought. vince cullins a member ♪ ♪of the cavendish gang, fights two determined me whom he has just tried to betray ♪ ♪one is a masked man, the lone ranger. ♪ ♪who built the empty grave to conceal the fact that he still lives ♪ ♪ ♪the other is tonto, the lone ranger's indian companion ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪kimosabe, look out. i'll get you now, ranger.♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ him dead, kimosabe. make me glad. him deserve to die. no, tonto. no one should have his life end like this. better him dead. like white say, better tag the providence, now no one know you still live. yes, that is true. a strange act of providence has protected my secret. me dig grave for him. alright. i'll get scout ready for traveling. ♪ come, fella. ♪ all done, tonto? me ready. ready to go after rest of cavendish gang, now? yes, as soon as we can. but i have got to get a mount of some sort. we'll head off toward wild horse valley. here take, scout.
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for two days the lone ranger and tonto, traveled toward the remote valley of wild horses. where a particularly sturdy breed of horses lives. unknown and unmollested by the hunters of the west. later, the entrance of this valley the ranger and tonto hear the sounds of a furious horse. beyond the rocks and small glenn. they capture glimpse of a huge buffalo about to go at the life of a fallen horse. quickly, the lone ranger, reaches for his gun. you hit him, kimosabe. i hope it was soon enough, tonto. ♪ ♪ buffalo dying. horse look bad. me shoot him? no, tonto. i'm going to try to pull him through. well,
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old fellow, you're in bad shape. lot of bumps and bruises. tonto, get some rags from the supplies and bring the canteen. me do. so, in an instant, the lone ranger, has made a momentous decision, for he has recognized the sterling qualities of the animal he has saved. for some time, the masked man and the indian camp beside the wounded horse. tending his battle hurts, and caring for him as best they know how. now, human hands have done all they can to help nature. in healing the animals wounds. can the wile stallion rise? gently, the masked man, coaxes the horse. easy. easy, big fellow. come on, on your feet. come on, boy. come on, boy. easy, big fellow. easy. ♪ ♪ him run away. no.
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wait, tonto. i'd like tha he should be free. him a beauty. like mountain with snow. silver white. silver! that would be a good name for him. here, silver. come back, big fellow. come on, silver. come on, silver! me get brighter now. him come back. no. he wouldn't take a bit. i'll use a hack from the time being. won't be as strange to his head as a bridal. there.
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here, silver. if you only knew how we need you. oh, boy. hold. hold. wow, big fellow. steady. we're going to do a lot of riding together. we're going to be pals, aren't we, silver? a few days later after the horse has recovered his strength. the lone ranger, tightens the saddle on the back of the stallion. quickly, the masked man mounts. and for the first time in his life silver bears weight upon his back. soon under expert and gentle guidance, the horse quiets and responds quickly to the lone ranger's lead. ♪ beauty, tonto. yes. they'll be riding, side by side.
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me got everything packed. here's saddle bag. blanket. we ride after cavendish gang now? yes, tonto. they were headed toward kobe. then through their's an old timer i want to see by the name of jim blane. alright, let's go. ♪ ♪
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♪ there it is, tonto, jim blane's place. looks like him got company. we'll wait until the caller leaves, before we drop in. it's nice seeing you, judge. be seeing you next week, jim. look. the side of the house. ♪ come on. got him, chief. good. but he winked me. is he out? cold. he won't be seeing light for hours. get the guns. say, you're bleeding bad. yeah, must have hit an artery. you get on the road pronto and spread the news of the shooting and get me a doc. i'll meet you at the gladder. alright. someone's coming. we gotta clear out of here fast.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ him dead, kimosabe. how's jim? he had a hard knock. me thought maybe murder's killed jim, too? they could have tonto. for some reason, they wanted jim to be found here alive. he's coming too. help me carry him to the porch. so that's why i'm after cavendish, jim. the reason for the mask... my real identity is to be kept a secret. known only to the three of us. well, i'll be hand. you sure got a job cut for yourself, reed. i mean lone ranger. i'll help in any way i can. i was hoping you would join us, jim. live up at our old
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silver mind. you're mighty kind to an old ex ranger who use to nurse me. i sure would like too. i never did like living here, trying to farm. only... only what? well, i can't run out now. with the owner of the bank. poor old judge knox lying dead back there. folks might think that i did it. why they might start blaming me for all the rest of the killings going on in town. more murders, jim? yes. lot's going on in town. first, it was glynn peters, he owns the newspaper. then biff anderson, postmaster and telegraph man combined. then max strauss, the hotel man. and a couple others, too. why it seems everybody important in kobe is getting shot. the sheriff's plum gone crazy. did you recognize the man who killed the judge? couldn't mistake him. it was butch cavendish. now, you chose who you're after cavendish? he must be doing these killing in kobe for a very special reason. yeah. but, why? most likely he wanted the murders to look like
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a local affair. i'm certain, jim, we'll upset his plans if you're not around to accept the blame for the judges death. that old silver mine of ours will be a perfect hideout for you. yes. it would. my cracky, i guess you're right, it would be best if i became scarce around here for a bit. i'll go on with you. that's fine. how's his knee, tonto? leg better now. good. help me put jim on silver's back.
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(9 the lone ranger, jim and tonto, approached the sight of the secret silver mine. ♪ this is it, tonto. where mine? you don't see it do ya? fooled you just like everybody else. come on. i"ll show you. ♪ here we are, tonto. must have been ten years ago with my brother, old jim here and i discovered the mine and built this shed. nine years ago this spring. still, no see mine. over here, tonto. it's under the bunk. there. yep, one of the richest veins of silver ever found here in these parts. i never thought i'd care about digging up the ore.
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that is until now. water there too. that's the spring we were cleaning out when we found the vein. we drained the water to get to the silver oar. jim, you and i can fix up this place, while tonto goes into town for the sheriff. his name is taylor, isn't it? yeah. old two gun is still on the job. alright, kimosabe. when you find the sheriff, tell him you know where jim blane is. he'll come with you. that's good. me go now. the shack seems to be in pretty good shape. i'll be as snug as a bug. all i want out of this place is enough silver for some immediate needs. other then that, all you can dig is yours. oh, no, i couldn't. you're entitled to it, jim. you have to do all the work. well, i could refine a little oar right here. that's just what i want you to do, jim. if in the future whenever tonto and i come back here, we can get the pure metal for money and bullets. bullets? yes. i want some of the
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oar cast into silver bullets. for gracious, what's the matter with led bullets? they'll kill just as well as... you forget, i told you i vowed to never shoot to kill. silver bullets will serve as sort of a symbol. tonto, suggested the idea. symbol? of what? symbol, which mean, justice by law. i want it to become known to all who see the silver bullets, that i live and fight to see the eventual defeat and the proper punishment by law, of every criminal in the west. my crimeny, i think you got something there. and i'll mold you all the silver bullets you want, ranger. but from what i know about this here country. there'll be an awful lot of silver shot up before you're through. i hope not, jim. we have a lot of metal here for that purpose. if we need it.
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ok for them first. now pete, you look up in that old creek section for, jim.
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glenn, go get creel and fetch the doc's body and bring it back into town. this isn't a fine time for a doctor to be missing. jim blane, disappearing? i never suspected he'd ever have anything to do with these killings. sheriff? go away, indian, can't you see i'm busy? now, bill keefe says that jim's horse is still at his farm. so he must have gone off on foot. now he can't be very far... sherifff? me know where jim blane is. look, indian will ya go away, please? can't you see i'm busy with these men? what'd you say... me know where jim blane is. him want to see you. you know where he is? why didn't you say so? where is he? me not tell. what do you mean by that? you just said you knew. you come. me take you to jim. now wait a minute. how do i know that you know where jim is? you don't know. but you follow me. jim wants to talk to you about judge knox killing. i bet he does, alright. yeah, and i wanna talk to him, too. hank you and i saddle up we're gonna follow this indian. no one comes. only you. now look...
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you don't think i'd be silly enough to go with you alone, do ya? me think so. you be brave law man, want solve mystery. you're right. maybe he's right, huh? how long of a ride is it? not far for tough, sheriff. maybe two hours away. alright, indian, you lead the way. don't forget any funny business and...hank keep an eye on things till i come back. alright. ♪ ♪ lose the mask, ranger. found the gun sheriff. i can explain. howdy, two gun! jim what the same hell's going on here? who are these people? who's this mask man? what about judge knox shooting? somebody's got a heap of explaining to do. and after the killers knocked me out, changed guns with me... my friend and his indian pal brought me here. it's a very interesting story, jim. what's more interesting
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maybe, is that you've convinced me, then mask man here, is fighting on the right side of the law. i'm glad you're convinced, sheriff. so butch cavendish, is the judge's murderer? yep. right now, he's some where in this here vicinity. wounded. with my bullet in him. wounded, huh? say, maybe that explains something. doc drummin, is the only doc in these parts and he's missing. maybe that explains something. and the one who has been fetched to fix up cavendish. yeah, problem now is, where's cavendish? he left a trail leading away from jim's farm. i think i might be able to follow it, sheriff. good, i'll get some men from town... that'll take too much time. it would be quicker for you to come with me now. tonto can ride to town. me do, then follow you're trail. alright, indian. see my men through at the office. you'll get some men. watch that leg, jim. ♪ ♪ ♪ look here.
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♪ wagon tracks. cavendish was followed by someone in a wagon and a horsemen riding along side of it. those tracks were made by doc drummin's rig. he's got the only narrow rig's around here. so far so good. let's go. ♪ doc, take it easy. well, i'm doing the best i can. ouch. that's it. alright, get on with the bandage, i'm in a hurry. what's the matter? you scared or something? like, maybe the sheriff will find us? why should i be? i'm getting rid of him, just like i did everybody else of importance in cobe. you mean to say, that you're responsible for all those murders that have happened in the last week? sure. might as well let you know. you see, doc, all men that have stepped into their vacated positions, belong to my
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organization. it's taken a lot of planning, but we're just about set. i'm taking over kobe, well, why are you telling me this? i'm gonna be needing the soul bones in my organization. and i've just decided you're gonna be him. like blazes i am. i would die before i helped a pack of coyotes like... what was that? i wonder if he heard us? somebody over there. give me that gun. i'll kill whatever's over there. get over there and find out. here they come. take cover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ whatever's going on out there, my men will take care of it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ hold it. what's your plans, partner? watch these men, sheriff. i'll go help the doc. gary? what's going on? answer. you got take a look. i wanna find out what's happening. but don't run. i've got this on your back. cavendish. drop that gun. alright, sheriff. bring in the others. you alright, doc? yeah. i'm alright. whose the masked man? he's on the side of the law. well, this crook was
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gonna take over kobe. he's made all those murders. we know, doc. we over heard him. sheriff, you can take cavendish to town, in doc's buggy. these other three we'll tie up and put on their horses. doc do you know where their mob's are? yeah. behind the rocks, over yonder. thanks. here ya go, doc. watch these animals close, while i tie 'em up. yeah. i hope they do make a move. especially this one. remember this boys. i'm not in jail, yet. shut up. working your mouth is making a move. come on, silver. silver! what's wrong, silver? ♪ those are my men. i knew they were due here about this time. so ya thought you had me, sheriff? but you hadn't. you and the mask man, over there
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behind those rocks can start counting the minutes you gotta live. beginning right now. silver, i'm going to save the doc and the sheriff. away, silver, away! ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪the roy rogers show ♪starring roy rogers, king of the cowboys, trigger his ♪ ♪golden palomino and dale evans, queen of the west ♪ ♪with pat brady, his comical sidekick and ♪ ♪roy's wonder dog, bullet ♪ well as near as i can figure out that new land i bought ends right about here. yeah but the way a river bed changes how can you tell? the only sure way is to get a surveyor out here and find out if i'm in this county, the next county or no man's land. what is it bullet? he seems to be worried about something. yeah. let's follow him. hope it isn't a jack rabbit. ♪
10:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey dale! that's what bullet's been trailing. ♪ ♪ poor guy, he's in bad shape. get the canteen dale. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ that's enough for now, old timer, we'll take you back to mineral city where there is plenty of feed and water. has he said anything yet dale? no roy, still unconscience. we better get him back to town, i'll hold him on trigger, you lead the burrow. right. ♪ ♪ somebody give me a hand here. hi dale. anything i can do? oh pat you're just in time. i am? take this little burrow to the stable and give her some feed and water will ya? i look more like a hero than a stable boy. well you'll be her hero if you'll take her to the stable. oh, yeah. come on laughing girl. let's go get some viddles.
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he was tied up so tight the circulation's cut off. he's suffering from exposure, thirst and shock from a beating. i can make one good guess who did it. hiya sheriff. hello roy. dale told me how you found him. do you know who he is yet? now wait a minute. he ain't strong enough to talk yet, and if you're gonna ask him a lot of fool questions, i won't be responsible for him. okay doc hold your horses. when you think he's well enough to talk, let me know. well it won't be before tomorrow. let me know too doc. alright. well
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i guess i'm about the fourth surveyorhey kickedut another one is still in the hospital, never will be right. well mr. carol you're the first victim that's turned up in my territory and i aim to do something about it. well just a minute sheriff, until that outlaw territory is surveyed you have no jurisdiction. that's right. it's sort of a no man's land. well it appears to me like them outlaws is squatting on them rights and thumbing their noses at us. well we got to do something about it. say roy, you've got a stake in this. doesn't that new ranch land of yours, extend right down into the river bed? yes but i don't know how far in sheriff, the only way to find out is to have it surveyed. well you'll have to clean out that rat's nest first. then let's clean it out. but how? sheriff, i got an idea while mr. carol was talking... listen, suppose you get a posse together, pat and i will ride out in front... alright men, let's mount
10:36 am
up. whoa now! whoa, whoa! just have patience. ♪ ♪ ♪ what's the matter pat, did you forget how to ride a horse? pat's been chaufering that jeep so long, he's forgotten all about horses. yeah and i wish i could keep on forgetting about them too. all i had to do with this jeep is get in and turn on the key. then get out and get under. yeah, you spend more time pushing that jeep then it spends pulling you, boy. ♪ ♪
10:37 am
♪ say, look who's slim, get rusty, looks like we've got company. it's a buck. you got you over a barrel, now what's your next bet? hey rusty, couple of men heading for town, looks like they're being chased by a posse. well he better not ride in here, he'll get a hot reception. come on boys. well, you got away this time... but you better not try to come back. ♪ gee that was a close one. you're telling me. phew. who are you? who wants to know? looks stranger, you came here, nobody sent for you. don't mind my friend here, he's a might high strung. to tell you the truth, we're both feeling high strung right now. what about? didn't you see?
10:38 am
sheriff and a posse we're after us. oh, well keep talking. well i reckon it's cause we stopped a stage on its way to mineral city. yeah? we didn't stop it to catch a ride. how much you get off the coach? that's just the trouble, that's why my pal here is so sore. just as we had 'em all lined up and reaching for the sky... why a sheriff and a posse come along, so we had to run for it. that's tough. how come the sheriff came along so conveniently? seems like he found a man half dead, tied to a burrow. he was out looking for the men who did it. oh i see. how about getting better acquainted? i'm rusty madison, these are my men and this is my town. any stranger shows up, he plays my rules. you get it? there is plenty of room up over the saloon. get your saddle bags, make yourself comfortable, chow's in an hour, don't be late. cook's temperamental.
10:39 am
what do you think of those fellows? they're smart hombes. cagey too. wouldn't surprise me a bit if they did hold up that coach and get away with plenty of money. yeah maybe we better take a look in their saddle bags. let's do it now? no, no when they're not watching. if they're telling me the truth, i've got some plans for them. yeah if. look jim it's up to you to find out. me? yeah. suppose you mosey into mineral city and find out if there was a robbery and how much the boys got. maybe we won't have to look in those saddle bags after all. it's a good idea rusty. i'll start now. okay. jim, take a look at that bank layout while you're at it. okay rusty. i think i'll take this one. phew. whoa. on second thought i think i will take this one. you act like a cow on his honey moon. it doesn't make any difference which one you pick, i don't think you're gonna do any sleeping around here. well we pulled it off didn't we? well didn't we? i don't know. rusty's pretty smart. but at least we're safe while he's thinking it over. you know the way you talk, i ain't gonna
10:40 am
get a wink of sleep tonight. i'll sing you a lullaby. hey i wonder where we eat around here. i don't know but let's get washed up and find out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what's the matter with him? bullet what's the matter with you? come away from there. i guess he smells you... i don't have a dog. come on get away. bullet! what will you have? oh, cup of coffee and a doughnut. right. guess maybe your dog don't like me? guess maybe he doesn't.
10:41 am
it's good coffee miss. thank you. i wouldn't do that if i were you, stranger. bullet, you get away and go over there and lie down. do you hear me? you stay. wouldn't like to have dogs barking at me. by the way, when is the stage coming through? it's already been through. well when do i catch the next one? tomorrow morning. guess i'll have to spend the night. how about some more of this coffee? coming up.
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come on bullet, let's take a look at that stranger you didn't like. hi sophie. hi jim. i hear tale the stage got in late today? run into some trouble? nope. you heard wrong. was it held up? no. who's been telling you them lies? stage come in just same as usual. passengers got off same as usual, old sam the driver just as cantankerous as usual. you sure nothing happened to that stage? well now if you don't believe me, ask the sheriff, he'll tell
10:45 am
you there ain't been a hold up in a long time. thanks opie. i'll be seeing ya. bullet, listen, did you get a scent of roy off that fellow? you did, didn't you? it was roy and pat. listen you and i are going to go find out if they're in trouble. come on boy. let's go. come on! ♪ come on. i wonder where dale's going in such a hurry? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ well if it ain't the pretty lady from the
10:47 am
restaurant. let's have that gun, give it here. bullet! run home quick! maybe you're mut got away, but you won't. what's the idea of following me? i wasn't following you. i saw you watching me when obe was talking to me. maybe you heard too much? i wasn't listening to you. i didn't hear anything, i was just taking my dog for a walk. now i suppose you're walking the horse? it's a free country. suppose you keep me company to no man's land. why? come on get going. there's nothing in this side pete. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hey roy! oh roy! i think this guy's gonna kill me. oh roy! help! oh! help! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hold it, hold it, hold it. what's going on here? you ought to know. you sent these two birds up here didn't ya? what are you and pete doing up in this room? like you said? who said? i mean pete and
10:49 am
me wanted to take a look through them saddle bags. oh you did, did ya? and who told you to do it? nobody, nobody rusty, it was our own idea. fine time to start a fight. we're all set to drive into mineral city and pull a job, and you two have got to start scrapping. i'm sorry fellows. sometimes my boys get a bit ambitious. what's in your saddle bags is your own business. that's okay. now no hard feelings, i hope? i like my boys to work together smooth. no hard feelings. good. now you two set to ride on that bank job with us? sure. let's go. oh i'm so sorry. my foot must have slipped. no, no hard feelings.
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♪ well hello bullet.
10:52 am
what's the matter fellow? what's the matter boy? what.. oh hank? something's bothering bullet, he's trying to tell us something. you don't suppose dale's in trouble? you know they left together. you better get the men together and follow him. now fellows chances are, we'll meet jim on the way. if not we'll wait for him at the old river bed, he's got the information we want. when we get it, we go to work. let's ride! ♪ ♪
10:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ is that two riders? yeah, looks like jim and somebody else. well that's funny. say it looks like jim got himself a woman. what's he want to get a woman mixed up in this for? well you know jim boss, always a ladie's man. yeah but this is no time for a thing like that. come on let's go. ♪ whoa! we'll wait here. ♪
10:54 am
♪ ♪ who's the gal? she followed me here so i thought i would bring her along. are you crazy? what do we want with a woman? now wait a minute rusty, she knows too much. so do those two strangers the sheriff chased into our town. what do you mean? it's a frame. there never was a stage hold up. those two men are working for the law. take 'em boys. don't any of you go for your guns, turn around. go ahead dale. come on pat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's roy and pat for you. he said they'd run them outlaws right in our arms. let's get 'em. ♪ it's a trap. let's get out of here. come. there goes rusty, i'm going after him. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ well you got him roy! he's all yours sheriff. we got the rest of them too! good! come on get going! ♪ well roy i want to thank you and dale! for everything you've done! you better thank bullet, he's the one who really found you! hey roy, i think i'll ride out. you mean you really like to ride horses now? well i thought maybe i could help him out in his surveying. well what about
10:57 am
nellybelle? don't you think she'll be jealous? listen you couldn't get me off the horse if you tried. besides, nellybelle ain't got no brakes to speak of and she'll get you way out on the desert and stop and well... whoa nellybelle! hey! hey! i didn't mean it nellybelle! ♪ ♪
10:58 am
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